Soil Conditioning

Healthy soil is essential to successful plant growth; it physically supports plants and supplies them with water, air, and a range of mineral nutrients. If the soil in your garden does not at first appear to be ideal, we can provide a range of possible solutions to condition and improve it.

"Virtually any soil may be improved with a little time and effort"

Types of Soil Conditioning   

  • Waterlogged soil - Waterlogged soils can be improved by digging in a measure of washed sand, grit and shingle.   
  • Soil Structure - Improvements to the soil structure and/or water-holding capacity can be made by the regular addition of organic matter such as garden compost or well-rotted manure.   
  • Soil Nutrients and Acidity - Extra nutrients are easily added to the soil with fertilisers and plant feeds, and lime may be added to make acidic soils more alkaline.   
  • Mulches and Top Dressing - Mulches and top dressings improve plant growth by preventing weed seeds from germinating and reducing water loss from the soil, and some also have an ornamental function. Bark type mulches also leach nutrients into the soil over time as it decomposes.   
  • Potting Compost - For container-grown plants, there is a wide range of potting composts available to suit every purpose.

Contact us now for your free initial visit to assess your garden, and discuss the options available to you.

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