Water Features

Water features can enhance almost any garden. Many people enjoy the additional qualities and ambiance that water brings to a garden, and it is worth making a little extra effort to get it just right. Simple designs can be very effective, however for our more ambitious customers who require split-level water features with waterfalls etc. we are more than happy to provide free advice concerning designs and information on pumps, filters, pond plants and aquatic life.

Water Features

We can install everything from container water gardens and fountains, to large scale ponds and waterfalls. Of course, we can also provide you with the help and advice you may need in selecting the perfect water feature for your garden.

Water Gardens & Ponds

Tip If you are wanting to add a pond:

To decide on the size and shape you require, a useful tip is to mark out the shape with a hose or string until you achieve the dimensions you like.

A beautiful water garden and a healthy fishpond should have clear clean water. A biological filter will help control the problem of green water and improve the water quality by removing harmful nitrite, ammonia and algae from your pond. Additionally, certain water plants can also assist in the oxygenation of the water. An ultra violet steriliser or clarifier used in tandem with a bio filter will give you guaranteed clear water in most cases within two weeks.

Contact us now for your free initial visit to assess your garden and discuss the options available. We will be more than happy to assist you in making the right choices when it comes to designing a garden pond or adding a water feature.

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